Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We're Home From Haiti!

I'll be posting an expanded recap of the trip soon, but I thought that I would just say a few things to wrap up the core of the trip.

On all my trips to Haiti I've come back just blown away at the ability the Haitians have, to live life from a place of joy.  I think joy transcends happiness because joy is a mindset.  These people love to sing, dance and experience life with one another.  I learn so much from them.

Our service while there included a medley of efforts.  Firstly, connecting with education strategies in the private sector, inclusive with values of sustainability and empowerment amongst the people there.  Spending time with the children in the orphanage is always amazing.  We had a rap battle in Creole (kreyol) with the boys... there's a video coming! They are so fun... The conference was amazing.  In partnership with Sounds Of The Nations, our workshops included topics like: Running Live sound, recording, band rehearsal strategies, native song writing, worship in music (Dan lit it up!),  Music dept. ethics and more!  We were also able to deliver 40 sponsorships for school tuition.  This will allow 40 children to go to school for the next year.  AWESOME!

We have over 60 GB of video and photos to get through that will be posted soon as well. Thank you for your continued support.  Creativity and the next Generation are a powerful combination.  Haiti will rise!  I believe that...

Drew Neal

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